Microblading has been getting hugely popular in recent years. It is a form of tattooing, where hair like incision strokes are made along the eyebrow which will enhance, reshape or create a natural looking appearance of the brows.

The procedure uses a blade which is dipped into pigment before making each incision. At KB Pro, I have learnt to create the most natural and realistic looking brows using finest hairstrokes in a technique called Realism. To do this I use 2 different size blades and this creates different size hairstrokes making the brow appear more realistic.

Infection control is at the forefront of the treatment so everything used is once only and disposed of after the treatment. The blades and the microblading pen to hold the blades are sterile and opened moments before the microblading starts.

KB Brows Banstead, Surrey
KB Pro Microblading
K.B Pro's accredited microblading and permanent makeup training is provided by Karen Betts

Digital machine

This method uses the latest Nouveau Contour IQ machine, which has been specifically designed for semi permanent make up. It has been designated “Safe by design” by Consulting The Health and Safety Executive, and therefore absolutely no cross-contamination as sterile packaged safety needle cartridges are used with it.

The machine uses a tiny needle which implants the pigment into the skin. Hair strokes are still created and it is a similar result to microblading. For digital machine eyebrows, 2 different needles are used to create slightly thicker and thin hair strokes which creates a more natural looking eyebrow.

Using the digital machine tends to retain the pigment better and may be more suited to certain skin types.


For clients with lots of questions or concerns, or if they are uncertain which method would be more suitable for them, I am happy to offer a free consultation. A skin patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to the treatment.

Before the appointment, I will ask you to apply numbing cream on your eyebrows so that when you arrive we would be able to begin straight away. I will check and sign all forms and we will go through the colours, matching the best one to your natural eyebrow colour. I will then draw the shape using an eyebrow pencil and this will be agreed by yourself and adjusted until you are completely happy. I will then start, which may last between 2-3 hours.

At the end of the treatment, I will explain the best aftercare for your new eyebrows.

6 week top up

or clients who have not had their eyebrows done previously, after having their initial treatment they would need to come back for a top up after 6 weeks.

This is to go over any hairstrokes which may not have taken, and it also gives the client the opportunity to change the shape and/or colour if required.



"Amy was amazing, she really took her time to make sure I was 100% happy before we started and reassured me throughout the whole process. I was a little nervous before, but Amy put me at ease and gave me a fabulous end result! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend."
Claire Wood
"I feel like a new person, all thanks to Amy. Extremely patient and super talented at what she does."
Aine O Sullivan
"Amy is brilliant! I am super pleased with the results of my microblading today. Highly recommended."
Ella McCall

"Best thing I've done recently! Love my new brows and the time I'm saving not having to do them everyday, especially in this heat when make up is melting!!! Thank you so much Amy you are a super star, super professional and attentive. I wish you all the best with your business ????"
Devenia Besant